Conflict Solutions International
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Who We Are

The officers, directors, advisors and field representatives listed in this section, as well as mission personnel, create a team that combines academic expertise with substantial field experience. They come from different backgrounds and countries. They are ready to travel on very short notice and to utilize their expertise to help dialogue and negotiations. The small size and flexibility of the organization and its independence from governments allow it to operate effectively and lend it credibility.

A small Board of Directors manages the general affairs of the organization. They are experienced lawyers and other professionals located in Washington, D.C. They meet on a regular basis and supervise the staff of the organization. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the staff, headed by a President, manage the day-to-day business of the organization as well as coordinate political activities and missions. A Board of Advisors, which includes lawyers, journalists, professors, civil servants and former military and law enforcement officers, provides advice and guidance to the organization. Advisors are from different countries and cultures, which helps provide a balanced approach to the activities of the foundation. They assist the foundation with political input and analysis and help select projects and missions. They also assist the organization in gaining access to areas and people of interest. Field Representatives are individuals located in areas of interest to the organization. Their purpose is to gather information on behalf of the organization and to alert it about important developments. They also provide logistical support for our missions. Another very important asset of our organization is a large roster of mission personnel with impressive credentials, proven field experience and language skills. Many of them are available for missions and projects of the organization on very short notice.